How To Apply

Applications must be submitted electronically through the Wachovia Wells Fargo NEXT Awards Web site at Hard copy documents will not be accepted.

Applications for the 2011 Wachovia Wells Fargo NEXT Awards for Opportunity Finance were due on April 29th at 5:00 P.M Eastern Standard Time. No more applications will be accepted. Applications are now being reviewed.

Potential applicants must complete an online Eligibility Questionnaire that will determine if they are eligible to apply. View the Eligibility Requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An organization does not have to be a member of the Opportunity Finance Network to be eligible to apply.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered and word count limits will be strictly enforced. Applications that exceed word count limits will not be considered.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Opportunity Finance Network will ensure the confidentiality of all application materials to the best of its ability. Materials submitted in connection with the 2011 $25,000 Wachovia Wells Fargo NEXT Awards will be evaluated by senior staff from Opportunity Finance Network and the Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation. No material will be disclosed to any other third party except with written authorization from Opportunity Finance Network. All material provided to the staff of the Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation will be clearly marked as confidential or proprietary.

DISCLAIMER: OFN reserves the right to reject any and all applications, and no applicant has any rights to any award unless and until granted in writing and applicant complies with all terms and conditions of the Wachovia Wells Fargo NEXT Awards program.