• 2014 NEXT Awards
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  • 2014 NEXT Opportunity Awardee / Florida Community Loan Fund

    Expanding Florida Preservation Fund to serve the entire state of Florida

  • 2014 NEXT Opportunity Awardee / New Jersey Community Capital

    Expanding ReStart Initiative to PREVENT FORECLOSURES AND stabilize communities in New Jersey

  • 2014 NEXT Opportunity Awardee / Rural Assistance Community Corporation

    Expanding Development Solutions initiative to create affordable housing in rural, Western markets


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In an increasingly challenging economic environment, CDFIs are needed more than ever to ensure that affordable and responsible financial products and services are available in underserved communities.

The NEXT Awards recognizes the NEXT generation of CDFIs working toward expanding coverage in all 50 states. Learn more

2015 NEXT Awards

2015 Wells Fargo NEXT Awards for Opportunity Finance: Consumer Financial Services

Learn more about the new NEXT Awards partner, Prudential, and the 2015 theme, consumer financial services.

About the Next Awards

NEXT Opportunity Award
The NEXT Opportunity Award is a pool of of $8.25 million, which includes $7.5 million in low-cost, long-term debt and $750,000 in unrestricted grant funding. Up to four CDFIs per year that present compelling strategies for expanding coverage may win a NEXT Opportunity Award. In 2014, applicants...
NEXT Seed Capital Award
The NEXT Seed Capital Award offers a $100,000 unrestricted grant to a single CDFI with a promising idea for expanding coverage. In 2014, applicants must be CDFIs that have innovative strategies to expand housing opportunities in low-income communities. The expansion strategy should be on track to...