2012 Awardees

Clearinghouse CDFI
NEXT Opportunity Award $2 MM Awardee

Based in California and expanding into Nevada, Clearinghouse CDFI finances affordable housing, nonprofit organizations, and community redevelopment projects. Clearinghouse CDFI received the Award for its expansion into Nevada, a state that faces severe credit constraints and suffers from one of the highest unemployment rates, and single-family foreclosure rates in the U.S. Clearinghouse plans through expanding into Nevada to create approximately 100 jobs per year, produce 700 affordable housing units and serve 40,000 low-income individuals in Nevada over a three-year period

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Corporation For Supportive Housing
NEXT Opportunity Award $2 MM Awardee

Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) provides financing and related services to help communities transform how they address homelessness and improve the lives of very vulnerable people. Corporation for Supportive Housing received the Award for its plan to increase the development of supportive housing across the country. CSH plans to expand into an additional 10 large, underserved markets, adding 11,500 new housing units and providing a replicable model for other CDFIs.

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Opportunity Fund
NEXT Seed Capital Award $100,000 Awardee

Opportunity Fund is California’s largest non-profit microlender supporting small businesses and is one of the largest microlenders in the nation. It has made more than 2,370 small business loans totaling more than $25.8 million. Opportunity Fund created and test-marketed their innovative EasyPay loan product with 30 small businesses in Greater Los Angeles. It will use the NEXT Seed Capital Award to expand the program to the San Francisco Bay Area, and throughout California.

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Primary Care Development Corporation
NEXT Opportunity Award $4.25 MM Awardee

The Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) provides affordable capital and technical assistance to community healthcare organizations, and shapes public policies that invest in primary care to strengthen and expand primary care in distressed markets. PCDC plans to expand its capital investment beyond New York State to underserved areas across the U.S. With the award, PCDC plans to create 190 construction jobs, 285 permanent jobs, and expand patient capacity by 175,000 visits over three years.

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