$5.5 Million Awardee

IFF, based in Chicago, received the $5.5 million award. Founded in 1990, this rapidly growing CDFI has financed or developed hundreds of nonprofit-owned facilities and real estate projects across the state of Illinois. These projects include child care centers, charter schools, affordable and supportive housing, health clinics, arts and cultural centers, and others that, combined, serve more than 700,000 low-income and special needs clients each year. As the Midwest’s largest CDFI dedicated solely to meeting the real estate needs of nonprofits, IFF has distinguished itself through the scale, creativity and discipline of its lending. IFF has recently moved to extend beyond its home state of Illinois by providing its specialized financial and consulting services to nonprofits across a five-state region: Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin. “This award ensures that more nonprofit corporations in the Midwest will receive the critical financing they need to maintain and improve the facilities they depend on to continue providing much-needed services,” said Trinita Logue, President & CEO of IFF, and recipient of the 2008 $5.5 million award.